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Scholarship Application

Please read the information below; scroll down to complete the online scholarship application and submit applicable documents.

The purpose of this scholarship program is to provide a one-time award of $1,000 to eight high school seniors who will be attending their first year of college. Recipients will be selected from public high schools throughout Louisiana.

Recipients of the LASAFAP scholarship award will be selected by the LASAFAP Scholarship Committee.

Winners of the LASAFAP scholarship will be selected based upon the following criteria:
     • Official high school transcript from fall semester 2020 (20 points)
     • Extracurricular activities/leadership roles within the community and/or church (20 points)
     • Three letters of recommendation – one each from the candidate’s principal (or assistant principal), a              previous or current teacher, and one from a community representative (30 points)
     • A one page essay outlining the candidate’s future goals and ambitions (10 points)
     • Financial need as described in a one page double-spaced narrative (20 points)

The scholarship will be made in full payable to the student. It is the responsibility of each scholarship recipient to submit an official college/university schedule and a tuition invoice/fee bill with a $0 balance from the institution to the scholarship chairperson. The scholarship chairperson will submit the required documents to the organizations’ treasurer and president for review and approval. The scholarship will be disbursed when the president and treasurer approve the required documentation.

The student’s application and companion forms must be submitted online by Friday, March 5, 2021.

If you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the application and mail it in, please click on one of the links below to download and print the scholarship application. 

Scholarship Application (as a Word document)
Scholarship Application (as a PDF)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you can't see the online application below, please print out the application by clicking on one of the links above, fill it out, and mail it in to the address on the application.

Fill Out the Application Below

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  • Personal Information

  • Required Documents

  • A completed LASAFAP Scholarship Application Form must have the following documents uploaded to this online scholarship application:

    1. Official high school transcript from fall 2020 semester
    2. Summary of extracurricular activities/leadership roles within the community and/or church
    3. Three letters of recommendation
        • One from the school principal or assistant principal on school letterhead
        • One from a previous or current teacher on school letterhead
        • One from a community representative
    4. A one-page personal typed narrative written by the applicant explaining why he/she should receive the scholarship and outlining the candidate’s future goals and ambitions
    5. Financial need as described in one page double-spaced narrative


    Please scan all required documents into your computer and then upload each document to your scholarship application by clicking on the "Choose File" or "Browse" button below. You can upload more than one document by clicking on the next "Choose File" or "Browse" button after selecting a document from your computer.


  • Authorization

  • By entering my initials below, I agree that all components of my scholarship application information may be electronically submitted for review and evaluation.